It's the lowest price that the seller will accept for their item; if the highest bid is less than this at the end of the auction, the seller isn't obliged to sell it.
the set price that the seller have set have not been met
just that
no bids high enough
It means the seller has set a price that you have to meet or beat or the item will not be sold.
The seller has put a reserve price on the item. The highest current bid isn't as high as the minimum price they are hoping to get.
the person has reserved their item at a certain price, if the highest bid doesnt meet this, then the reserve price hasnt been met, therefore it wont be sold and the person will have to re-auction/sell it!
They have set a minimum prize on the object, and the bidding is yet not high enough.
It simply means the price set as reserve "the minimum asking price" was not attained - usually meaning a no-sale.
The seller can put a reserve on a product which is kept secret to the bidders, so the product only sells once the reserve has been met. The minimum reserve price is £50
That means that the seller has a minimum amount for which he will sell his item and that minimum has not yet been met or exceeded by current bids.
the seller has a minimum price that they will sell at ,and your bid is lower than that
someone may have put a reserve of say £20 for the item but the highest bid is only £19 so the reserve has not been met.xx
that your bid isnt high enough.basically they have set an amount that they wnat and wont let it go until it reaches that amount or above.but you wont be bale to find out what their reserve is
The reserve is the minimum bid for which a seller is willing to accept for his object. If the reserve isn't met, it means that nobody was willing to agree to his minimum request.
It means they put a minimum bid on it before they will accept it
they have but a price on the iteam befor action and the price u have bidded at is lower then the price they want
Sometimes the seller will set a price (reserve) that he/she will not go below, and if the bidding starts below that price, you get the message RESERVE NOT MET.
It means the seller has a specific price they want for the item and the bids aren't high enough yet to get to that price. As soon as the bids get to the "reserve price" the reserve not met will go away. If it is something you really want contact the seller and ask if they would accept your offer.
The price that the saler has set has not been reashed so the item is un-sold
The seller puts a reserve price on an item.the lowest amount they will accept for the item.if no one bids that amount [or higher] it will say..Reserve not met
The seller set a minimum price they are willing to accept for the item.

This minimum price has not been reached by the current bid.
It means the seller has set a reserve so they have set a minimal amount there are prepared to sell that item for. If the bidding hasn't reached that amount by the end of the auction, the item will go unsold and it is a gamble that has not paid off for the seller - they shouldnt be so greedy!
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It means that the seller put a price on the minimum he would accept
for the item.
E.g - He sells his iPod he wants £90 for it
you bid £85 for it

iPod doesnt sell.

Its a useful option if your selling something expensive.
minimum price on item from the seller is not met. you got to bid higher
The seller sets a starting bid price which is lower than than the price he is actually willing to accept. So the initial price could be £1 but unless the bidding gets up to (say) £100 his reserve price is not met. When setting a reserve price the seller has to pay fees based on the reserve price not the starting bid. The theory is that starting with lower bids gets more people interested and the price ends up going higher.