What are the difference between University, Institute, Academy and College?

Guys and gals, please tell me what are the difference between University, Institute, Academy and College.

Is the qualification or certs graduated from different names are also in different stages?

Thank you..
in the name only, there no real difference btwn university and college in this day and age.

however, in a hierarchical sense, a university system may contain many different colleges scattered around on different campuses.
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a institute usually refers to a technical school offering specailized training, or it can be just another name for a college.

an academy refers to a small school offering a specialized course of study.
There are many differences
i'll tell u what i know.

in university, you'll find many kinds of major. Meaning you'll get many choices of major you'll take.

in institute, the major is more spesified. For example, if it is the institutue of economics, then they will only speficied in economics and other relating things.

academy, i have no idea about it. Sorry

College, for me it has the same meaning with university. Many choices of major.

may be it will be different for some stages. But it's depend of the condition ..

Hope this can help you.

The words
A few Universities are made up of different colleges, eg Oxford and Cambridge, but that really is an anachronism. Basically Universities award degrees as their qualification, Institutes may well be part of universities, but are often awarding scientific or technology degrees only, or may even be a specific type of school, Colleges can also be parts of higher schools as 6th form colleges, meaning those studying for A or S levels with in a specific school. Academies used to offer a single specific type of course, such as dance or music, they may or may not lead to degrees, but usually award a certificate or diploma showing excellence in that field. They all did have specific meanings, but these have become blurred in the last few years and now may well overlap.
they all have recognised educational systems