What makes oil boil?

the letter 'b'
starch and moisture make hot oil boil
a "b" :)
yup, heat. The denser the oil, the higher the boiling point. Petrol boils at very low temperatures (lower than water). Pentane boils at the temperature London was yesterday. Bunker oil boils at much higher temperatures (and in low temperatures, it's so thick you can walk on it). Mixtures of oils (like crude oil) start boiling as soon as they get to the boiling point of the lightest fraction, and will be all boiled away once you get past the boiling point of the heaviest fraction. That's called the boiling range. You can do the same thing with alcohol and water. Whisky should start boiling at about 80C and will be all done once it's past 100C.

worldstiti is not quite right - if you put water in oil that's past 100C, it's the water that boils, not the oil. The boiling water just kicks oil in your face in spurts. Throwing other things in just nucleates the boiling.

Hmmm. Thinks. I fell for this one big time, didn't I?
a "b"
can't get no better answer than afore mentioned oil add b brings it to boil
heat such as fire and the sun .
when the internal pressure of d oil equals to the atmospheric presure the oil starts to boil. Heat wil cause d breakdwn of molecules in oil causing it to giv off presure as d heat increases d movment of molecules increases.thereby gving off presure.which wil den reach the atmospheric presure.
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steam and moisture
the letter b
when the motor does something wrong!
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altho. oil didn't boil til he added the letter B..