The recipe asks for 'flavourless oil' - which oils are flavourless?

Vegetable Oil
Canola Oil
Peanut Oil

Olive oil has a mild fruity flavor, but its not very strong and probably won't interfere. Sesame oil is VERY STRONG so definitely don't use it. Sunflower oil is pretty nutty tasting, but shouldn't mess up a slightly sweet dish. Chances are you have something suitable in your pantry (most of us do).
Generally the lighter ones, like Canola & Safflower
cooking oil. even olive oil works.
Light oils.Like vegetable, safflower or canola oil
most I should think
Most olive oils are considered flavorless because they are so refined.
Safflower or Canola are flavorless oils.
Castrol 5w30 and Valvoline Max Life
Safflower oil
Any oil that doesn't have a specific taste. That would mean all the oils infused with herbs and even olive oil have a flavor but safflower oil, peanut oil and others do not.
Gelatin is flavourless but isn't vegetarian. However, there is a version that is, if this is an issue.
light vegetable oils or sunflower oil
Canola oil is a neutral oil, therefore flavorless. I have been working as a cook in a local hospital for almost 10 years now. Enjoy your recipe!
Use Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It is Healthy as well as tasteless.
The best one, and always used in Chinese cookery is Groundnut oil.