Where can i buy weed or skunk in london?

i live in west london and was hoping you guys can help me get my hands on some good quality smokes.

basically NEED WEED,
help a friend!
I am in west london, I used to get an 8th for £20, need something simillar but my dealer retired, no joke and not funny!

Thx for the help
If u find someone let me know!
skunk seed .org
you live in london,you can buy it anywhere!!
You mustn't, it's naughty.

Get pissed and smoke tobacco, now THAT's legal!!
a friend in need is a friend indeed.
a friend with weed is better.

U will find a dealer easily, its the capital of england.
When I was in London I was told to go to Soho and I scored no problem.
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I can't believe you asked that! I have no idea.
I would give you my number, but i stopped doing business, lol. Avoid big areas, but if you really want to find it, it's not a problem. The east-end is a good place to score, Maryland in Stratford, next 2 the 24 hour shop. Just walk around, if you can smell it, you know there's gotta be some business going on. Good luck.
Its a pity the police dont know your details, if I knew them I would report you.
right now im lost!
weed- flower shop
skunk, cant buy one but can view it in the zoo ( i think)
smokes- in the offy down the road but dont pay £20 they will be ripping you off.

nah seriously though london is such a big place i bet if you opened your front door and asked the next person to walk past they would point you in the right direction.GOOD LUCK
Look in the flower beds plenty of " Weeds" their
become friends with people in the local college, they bound to know were to score