Is burnt toast bad for you?

does it have any nutritional benefits? a discussion we are having at work please will someone let me know!!
Hi I read an article in new scientist a few months ago about the dangers of acrylamide (which causes health problems including cancer) in food. Apparantly the levels are elevated in burnt food so it's probably best to avoid burnt toast (but as for me I love burnt toast, it's so crunchy!)
yer u get black teeth lol
The charcoal in burnt toast is supposed to be good in that it acts like a filter to filter out impurities. (or so I have heard.) Burnt toast and tea used to be given to people recovering from upset stomachs, so there must be something to the theory.
Apparently anything that is burnt is potentially carcinogenic, (toxic) so its better not to eat it.
It used to be said that eating burnt toast was good for your teeth, and made them whiter. Then a few years ago my mum said she had heard of a study where eating burnt food was linked to increased risks of cancer. So according to that eating any burnt food is not good for you. Don't know if anyone else heard of this.
No, the fresh carbon in the black stuff is a good detoxing agent. I've heard it said that the burned part of toast is good first aid for some poisons.
No, I'd say it aids digestion
not at all my cousin burns his on purpose and he's still going strong at 34!
yes its good charcoal is good for the dietry system its good for cleaning teeth too
Not in moderation. Over indulgence in anything is generally not good for you. I don't think there are any proven nutritional benefits.
Goes nicely with rotten eggs and moldy fried slice.
Don't forget loose tea brewed in last week's dirty sock with soured cream!
yes!because some contents are burned making it toxic.and i think there are no nutritional benefits you can get in a burnt toast
yes it's bad if it's really burnt as in black.. because it may cause cancer.. i heard it from the news before..
Its very bad for you if the kitchen around you is full of smoke and in flames, for what is burnt toast NOW -- was fresh bread a few moments ago
Any burnt food is bad for you. Burnt food contains high amounts of carcinogens that can trigger cancer. Burnt meat is especially lethal, particularly when it is cooked on a barbecue.
Apparently burnt food does contain small amounts of carcinogens, which are cancer causing.
I doubt it, it just doesn't taste nice.

Nutritional "experts" tell us we can & can't eat so many things these days that I'm sure if we obeyed all they said we'd end up eating nothing because according to them almost everything is cancer causing or can help you lose weight or make you gain weight or gives you diabetes. Its such a load of twaddle!!
yes. Anything burnt contains carbon which can lead to cancer. If you eat something burnt it is best to eat a tomato aferwards! Strange I know, but burnt food increases free radicals which lead to cancer. Tomato's mop up all the free radicals.
Simple! ;S
Carbon is good for the digestion but then i am biased as i LOVE burnt toast
no it is not!