How long can someone wear the same pair of Underwear?

Question mainly aimed at the guys, but anyones answer will do.
How long would you wear the same pair of Boxers for, on consecutive days?
everyday if you wash them every night
My advice is no more than 24 hours
ewww no change everyday.
long enough to put them on in the morning and take them off when I shower at night
for cleanliness reasons, everyday Otherwise, that's just disgusting.
prob for two days but no longer hehehe
One man two body mind.?
Uhhhmmm, 1.
as long as they are clean
24 hours
as long as they choose.or until people around them start fainting.
I received a new pair of briefs for how many months is that?
people should change underwear everyday, its better because of diseases and doesn't smell.
I change underwear everyday(more if needed)
1 pair a day.
Crikey.. I wont ask what gave you the inspiration for this question...

No idea coz I still wear nappies.. (aged 37)
1 for me but it is up to the person hope they dont where them till they rot out. my brother did this just to find out he wore them for 72 days before they rotted out
1 day
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Personally I Would For Up To 2 Days then It's No Good After that.

I think The Guinness World Record is 715 days.
(Bikini Briefs)
This Was Achieved By taking them down only 3 inches and the groin area thoroughly washed once a day and the underwear briefly sanitized with ultraviolet light.

(The Record Was Set By a Japanese Woman In 1988) (They Have the Right Climate For It In Some Palces).

(Needless To Say At The End Their colour was no longer white.)
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But As Long as you didn't walk around and sanitized them everyday I'm Sure With A High Quality Pair, That You Could Go 3-4 Years.


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I change mine everyday, but you can wear them until they jump off your body and run for the washer
(im usin sisters account just so ya know) i wore mine for a week or 2 without washin it ........
Not a guy, but when my husband is trying to gross me out he says you can wear them for 4 days, 1 properly, then turn them around, 3rd time inside out, 4th turned around again.
I change it once a day
I change them every 30 days whether I need to or not.

Ha ha just kidding - smile

Once a day.
I really wanna know why ur asking.
3 days is ok
1 day unless circumstances made it necessary to wear longer.
I wouldn't wear them for more than one day. In fact some days if I feel hot and sweaty I change more than once.
for a day lol,otherwise u'll stink from the drops of urine left after shaking yo dingilo