Whats the best way to get rid of verrucas?

You can get freezing spray to use at home now. They can help start to get rid of them. But verrucas also thrive on moisture, so make sure your feet are dry and clean at all times. Putting duct tape over the affected areas helps. Other than that, it just takes time. Most verrucas clear up on their own.
cut off your feet.
tell that crazy beotch to get to steppin'
have them frozen, ask your GP.
try any chemist there are a load of remedies u can buy over the counter they are all good but u must keep doing it every day
with bazukka that verucca you dont need plasters just the ointment
my old boss at work tried an old remedy that her mum told her. Apparently put a piece of banana skin white bit in the sore part, cover with a sock and go to bed with it on. We worked together at the time and although i thought it was amusing, it actually worked. She had been limping around for months, then all cured by banana. Worth a try,m hope it works for you. She done this for a good few nights in a row, not sure how many. Good luck
The most natural way which will incite your bodies own immune system is to rub them down a little (with an emery board - throw it away after as verrucas are contagious) then rub on some Banana skin. It contains ingredients that will trigger the body to mount an inflammatory response and get rid of it. Take about 3 - 6 applications depending how big and location. I'm a state registered podiatrist/chiropodist and we used this on clients who are too young or intolerant to other treatments. Less painful too than having them frozen - give it ago.
Two ways.

Local Doctor (In England) can give painful injections in your foot and cut them off. Happened to me with large verrucas that impeded walking. For small ones, they are frozen off at the local hospital. Happened to me as well

I would bet that the latter is more likely nowadays. Go to the Doctor, not the specialist. Go now before they become a real problem.

Swimming in the sea, fleas from dogs or cats in pubs, swimming baths, are my suspects for catching these warts. Endemic in England.
Bazooka that verruca !
Go see a chiropodist. They'll give you the best treatment or solution. You could get them cut out, or get some over the counter treatment from your local chemist. Bazuka or Salatac Gel or something similar in ointment style will sort it out!!