My fridge is leaking CFC gas. My landlord said it won't harm me. Is it safe ?

CFC gas - Usually freon - is not poisonous in a well ventilated room. the amounts which could leak from a fridge would not be any problem, except in a very small area (say, about closet/larder size room).
Freon is harmul to the ozone layer and the local authority should have facilities for removing it from old fridges.
It may or may not be illegal to allow it to leak into the atmosphere.that depends on where you live. best check with your local authority..

There is only a small amount of freon in the average fridge. if it has been leaking for a while, it may already have all dissapated.
In any case, you no longer have a fridge, without refridgerant gas, it is now just a cupboard. Your landlord should provide a working fridge
No It's not safe get rid of it
well i wouldnt say that it was going to be good for you
Leaking cfc into the atmosphere is an environmental hazard. If you are in the UK, it's illegal. Speak to your local environmental health department.
That doesn't sound at all safe to me!

Contact your Citizens Advice bureau, and ask them what you should do.
I think your landlord is legally obliged to replace the fridge
no is not seek legal advice if he says you must stay with it get the council involved
No. This will cause a huge hole in the ozone layer above your fridge. NASA will be able to see it on satellite images and they will fire cruise missiles through your kitchen window to stop your fiendishness
No it is not safe, contact your local council if your landlord will do nothing about it.
It may be safe for you because of the ventilation in your building but it isn't safe for the rest of us. get it fixed.
It is not safe. Get a new fridge, or better yet.
get a new landlord.

Actually if its a fridge more than 15 years old, yes , it is dangerous to u ,
IF its not , no ,,, but then if its leaking , then ur fridge isnt going to be working, as its the gas that keeps the fridge cool, so u have to buy a new one, as its cheaper than getting someone to repair and refill it .
And yes its harmful to the enviroment , so ur council will take it away .
Its a Bust fridge.
It wont keep your food cold and you may get salmonella.
Tell your landlord you rented a property with a working fridge and ask when you can expect a replacment otherwise he is breaking the tenancy agreement.
Isn't some CFC gas flamable? I would be getting rid of it
If it is leaking CFC gas, it is no longer a fridge, without the gas it wont get cold, and it is his responsibility to get it the hell out of there and replace it, oh, and CFC gas can harm you.
Your landlord is being mean he knows full well that we arent allowed to just chuck fridges away anymore you have to have them picked up or taken to somewhere that can deal with them properly to get rid of the CFC gas which is making a hole in the ozone layer. If its doing that to the ozone layer what is it doing to your little lungs! it defo needs changing :o)
get rid of it as quick as you can and inform your local council to dispose of it or take it to a local tip so it can be disposed of correctly
cfc's are more safe then the gases used for coolants previously. one concern with cfc's is the depletion of the ozone which god created to block ultra violet light. in large amounts if inhaled can cause disorientation. kids are using dust off to get high now which is used for cleaning comps. ever know if you use this the can gets cold? i looked up a website. go to it get some info and go from there. but your butt hole landlord should fix it if your concerned about it. talk to your local health department as well. here is the website and good luck.
Try some and find out. PS I will not be held responsible if you die HA HA HA HA HA.
It wont harm you if you don't breathe. Talk to the rentalsman about your situation. You shouldn't have to put up with that.