Why do I feel sick, like I have to throw up, during the night.?

when it's so warm? I don't feel sick during the day, and then my room is warmer. Is it because I can't drink enough fluids during the night?

(I'm not pregnant by the way!)
According to the reading I have done regarding hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), the brain, when it senses that blood sugar is low, will do sometimes strange things to get the blood sugar (glucose) out of storage and into the blood stream. Nausea is one way. If you are experiencing that in addition to sleeplessness, then low blood sugar is probably the cause.

Suggestion? Before you go to bed, like about 30 minutes before, eat a small snack. I suggest 1-2 oz of turkey (triptophan - spelling approximate), a cracker or a cookie, or if you are concerned about your weight - a low glycemic carbohydrate, like 1/2 an apple, and also some nuts - almonds or peanuts are best. Drink a glass of water with this. This is a recipe for some slow burning energy that will help level your blood sugar out for the night.

Chronic low blood sugar can also cause self-esteem problems, anger management problems and a whole bunch of other physical and mental nasties. You may want to check out the symptoms link on www.hufa.org, and see how you check out.
Start excercising and limit your food intake...
I doubt it is due to fluids but I would see my Doctor about this.
Best answer anyone can give is go see your GP
Some people don't react well to humidity and heat. Try keeping a big box fan trained on yourself during the night, if it's that hot, and drinking a lot of fluids (plain water preferably). This all assumes you're taking care of your micronutrient profile and that you don't have an underlying medical condition.

If it alarms you, do go see your doctor. He or she can rule out underlying conditions.
it's probably the heat getting to you. make sure you're drinking plenty of water
It's fairly common, especially in women, to have bodies that are sensitive to the heat. It's a pretty common reaction to feel nauseous - I sometimes do in the heat too - and yes, you're probably right in thinking lack of fluid is to blame. To avoid getting dehydrated maybe you could keep a glass of water by your bed? Instead of drinking a massive amount before you go to bed, which will cause insomnia and discomfort anyway, and will obviously make you need a wee a lot! - remember to keep drinking continuously throughout the day. :)
Stupid annoying British summer..>:( (lol)
It could be stomach acid that is able to rise up when you lay down, I used to get a bit of that until I stopped drinking coke (too much caffeine I think) milk is good as it neutralises acids
was it a normal period? Exactly like usual or was it slightly lighter or different? Painless perhaps?

look up implantation bleeding at www.pregnancy-info.net

Otherwise, maybe you have a stomach bug?
it could be nerves something is bothering you and after a while your body is effected by your worry , keep some water on the night table , learn to relax mentally so that your boby will feel better ,, or it could be something you are eating to close to when you go to bed , check with your doctor
Oh, you better see you r family doctor. Maybe you have high blood or maybe you're just too tired from the day's work.
Be sure to eat vegetables at night or eat fruits at night so as to keep you in good condition.
A good sign of an infection is feeling hot and sick during the night, do you have sweats too? Any other mild symptoms like a cough or going to to the loo more, if so go get a check up. Do you eat enough during the day? If i dont eat enough i feel sick and dizzy at night.
Its probably just the weather. Try a couple of cold water bottles in your bed before you turn in - hot water bottles with cold water. Try to keep an airflow going, if you can get a desktop fan to run through a clockwork 24 hour timer switch you can set it to turn off the fan at 2am or so. I get the same reaction but in the afternoon.
May be you are having your periods cause ladies complains the same diagnosis.at night when they are having periods.

Please consult a doctor if it worsens.

Further dont go to bed as oon as you had your dinner, then also it causes nausea and like throwing out.

may God Bless you
have you tried sleeping down staoirs, it is usually warmer upstairs in summer in a house.. so if you have a downstairs try sleeping there.. it may be just the heat.drink more fluids is a good idea too
Check your throat (tonsils)
Sounds like you might be experiencing acid reflux. There are several things you can do that will help. Don't eat for at least 3 hours before bedtime. Elevate the head of your bed 6-8 inches. Avoid spicy foods, caffeine, and any foods that cause an increase in stomach acid. By the way, milk does NOT decrease stomach acid, it increases it. (Someone's a little misinformed here.) You might also try taking an over-the-counter acid reducer like Zantac, Pepcid, or Prilosec, and possibly an antacid like Maalox or Gaviscon.
Good luck!
As far as I can configure the problem try changing the water or fluids that you take. Usually some fluids in variable quantity drain fluids out of the body leaving them a little dehydrated that causes the convusions of throw-ups. The cure try changing the fluids that you take. The gastric state of your stomach might be not right try taking a few anti-gastric tablets for a few times before bed, it might be so even if you don't feel it. The other reason might be that you are thinking a lot and as far as I know stop thinking and the effect shall slowly subside . The brain is the best thing you have and the best defence provider try making a mental statement that you are as well as you can be and it will work that way if you just strongly believe it.
If any of this does not work try getting harmonal balance test done it should help also.
Wishing you a better health and a even healthier future.
It is possible what you are experiencing is do to the fact that your significant other is away if ya'll are use to sleeping together at night. It could be because of your nerves or it is possible that what you are experiencing is acid reflux disease which can be brought on by stress and your diet. I would suggest that besides making sure that you drink plenty of water since it is so warm that you might try sleeping inclined. If this helps then most likely you have acid reflux. If it doesn't and it continues to be bothersome please seek the help of a medical professional.
Please go see a gastrointerologist they would be able to help you. Have your family Dr. refer you. Also it could be stress that you are under.
It could be a thyroid problem? Nothing to be worried about, get it checked out and the doc can give you medication
Maybe you have acid reflux, its unpleasant but can be fixed with a drug called Protium