Lady shagging a horse?

most of you would have probably seen it on a mobile phone....why the fcuk would anyone do that? even if it was for loads of money,she died and couldn`t spend it anyway!! why?
Crikey, I live a sheltered life!!
i havent seen it..sounds gross
Didnt this happen to Cleopatra too?

If not her some other ancient queen got crushed by a big horsey.
YUCK wtf. no i havn't seen that. sheesh how and why would anyone do that ,
maybe she waz bored?
some like the fame some like the money where can i see it
poor horse having that minger on his ****.
She must be most dissatisfied with male men because I don't think that any man would ever be able to satisfy her again do you lol. Not for any money would I shag a horse or let it shag me!
the mind just boggles at the very concept of any human doing that. degrading and sick, im not a prude but i can think of better ways of satisfying a "sexual itch" than resorting to abusing an animal like that.
that sounds hot!! i'm gonna find it on the net.
Not seen this footage, but sounds pretty disgusting to me!
Dead now anyway! no one will ever know why she did it, but then no one knows her circumstances! Don't knock it until you have been there!
On saying that, I would not have done it, but never been that desperate for cash, one will always manage somehow if one lives a moderate lifestyle!
Crikey thats bad!
That's a new one..but should'nt the horse have been shagging the "lady" for want of a better term ? I've heard of men going with horses,dogs,donkeys,etc,but they used "the back door"
Dear nicola you are very rude do you know you are not suposed to swear on yahoo you have breached the comunity guide lines,recently i called somone lazy and i got a violation notice,six so far,anyway i have not seen what you have decribed,nor do i want to
Have you ever seen a horse's erection? I would have thought it would be big enough to kill her!
I have seen women with dogs and snakes too. Foul stuff and very sick.
I think that someone must actually want to do this - I can't see enough people payng money for this to be a comercial venture for profit alone.
I think a woman can (with sufficient practice stretching herself) accomodate a horse, after all women can fit a baby through their vaginas and can enjoy regular vaginal fisting. But it would be rather perverse to want to have sex with a horse by most standards.
you think that was sick try check this profile out on yahoo chat
this crazy sent pics to a friend of ours a few years back of her sucking a donkey off and ones with an Alsatian dog licking her how grossssssssssss but when you see her pic you ll understand why no sane man alive would have her .
the horse seemed happy though
Why do you want to discuss this ?There must be better questions on your mind........... no comment.
don't they have anything better to do than make up this trash?
oh yeah ive seen this, and it made me feel physically sick
ow man somone post the link!
only she and her warped mind knows why she do it. no i havent seen it and if i was offered the chance to see it i'd refuse i cannot think of anything worse poor horse