Is a blood pressure of 132 over 84 good or bad?

normal for a pregnant lady,hope you feel better soon
not bad
Its good, mine is 148 over 94 & is considered a bit high
A little high
Have a look at
the normal for a woman is 120/80 it is a little high but not nothing detrimental at this point I would just watch what i ate and try to stay stressless
Depends on your age. The 132 looks a little high to me, but nothing serious. Its about the same as mine, I`m 63 years old.
It sounds not too bad at all
The "healthy" range for an adult's blood pressure is:

Normal ranges for blood pressure in adult humans are:

* Systolic between 90 and 135 mmHg (90–135 Torr, 12–18 kPa)
* Diastolic between 50 and 90 mmHg (50–90 Torr, 7–12 kPa)

So anything between 90/50 and 135/90 is ok. (The average blood pressure for an average adult is 120/80).

Therefore yours is fine.
a little bit high
Blood presure depends on the persons weight and height..132/84 may be good for some but for others it may not be good at all.
Its about normal, I wouldn't consider it high. Normal is 120/80
High normal, keep an eye on it. If you are a diabetic, they might want to lower it.
Ranges for the four blood pressure categories
Category Systolic
(mm Hg) Diastolic
(mm Hg) Blood Pressure Reading
(mm Hg)
Normal** below 120 and below 80 below 120/80
Pre-hypertension 120-139 or 80-89 120/80 - 139/89
Stage 1 High Blood Pressure (hypertension) 140-159 or 90-99 140/90 - 159/99
Stage 2 High Blood Pressure (hypertension) 160+ or 100 + 160/100 +
That is okay, a little bit high but mostly okay. The normal is 120/80 for a woman and when I had mine done it was 134/82 so it is okay but a little bit high.
actually, it depends on your age, if you're a boy or a girl, and many other factors. But it is the average value, so I think it ok for you!
As a nurse i would say it depends how old you are. If your middle aged then its darned good. If you are below thirty you need to think carefully bout your lifestyle as it is a bit high. Do you smoke? Do you drink too much? Do you each too much or inappropriately? Also do you get plenty of sleep? The problem is not so much the higher number but the lower. 132/84 is better than 120/90. That said i would try and do a bit more exercise and cut out te junk food.
It' s very hard to tell anything from a single measurement of your blood pressure.

The problem with measuring 'circulatory tension' is that it rises and falls VERY quickly and quite a long way; standing up or raising your arm above your head will raise it, and so will shouting or swimming hard. The healthier your circulation is, the more your blood pressure will vary throughout the day.

So if you fancy your doctor, this can raise your blood pressure just when he's taking the measurement. (That's called 'white coat hypertension', but it's usually due to the ANXIETY that meeting people-in-white-coats causes.)

The thing your doctor is looking for is the long-term trend: whether, over a period of six months or more, the readings are getting consistently higher or lower. That can give him or her information about changes in your state of health; a single reading is not 'good' or 'bad' unless other symptoms related to Hypertension (or Hypotension, ie low blood pressure) are also present.

During pregnancy, doctors (and mums) tend to be pretty worried about the risk of pre-eclampsia, but again, it's the TREND that's important rather than the level at any particular moment.
I've just had my blood pressure done. and i was told by the doctor.that any thing over.140/90 is high and anything between 130-135/80 is about right.
I would say that reading is old are you? older people tends to be on the borderline side.The American Heart Association recommends BP to be at least 120/80 and readings greater than that can be considered primary hypertension.Don't be despair though,one can't diagnose hypertension by just one single BP reading .Try to take your BP at least 3 consecutive times,30 mins-1 hr. apart.It is also important to have a baseline BP reading & compare that with subsequent BP measurements.