I'm having my 3rd baby, does it hurt as much as the 1st?

try having it in water in a pool
Did your second?
None ever hurt me.

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did the second hurt as much as the first? when giveing birth i think it dosent matter, pain is pain!
As a male, I don't know much about this, but I think, generally, it hurts less the more badies you have.
my second didnt hurt as bad as my first so if this is your 3rd you should be fine but keep in mind every pregnancy and delivery is not the same
Yeah, you should know by now, if the second hurt less than the first the third would hurt less than second and the first.
No, it should only hurt as much as the second.
Yes. they all hurt. You're passing something the size of a watermelon out a hole the size of a lemon.. that's bound to be a bit painful.
My mother had four in total, and shes said that they hurt much the same, however each successive child's birth weight was heavier.
Mine didn't honey, she just arrived an hour after my waters broke.she nearly slipped off the bed! There was still pain there but you know what your expecting so its not as bad.. Good Luck with the birth :o)
My wife say its worse,,,,,,,,sorry.
no, usually it gets better with practice.
I think it probably hurts just as bad, but you are a little more prepared for it so you can tolerate it a little better.
my first 2 about killed me, but by the 3rd and 4th they just popped out, hardly any pain. Except my 3rd broke my tail bone on the way out, that hurt after.
My grandmother had 11. When I asked her if it hurt, she told me that it hurt each time.

Yours might be different though.
aww dont worry,, just think about it this way, the pain wil be INTOLERABLE AND CRAZY,,, but then what do you get? a beautiful innocent baby that will bring joy in your life:O)
You know what they say, you women like it gong in but not coming out.
"The first is hard, the second is easy, the third is unpredictable."
For what you are receiving in return for your pain, it is so well worth it. You are blessed.
it could hurt as much as the first, but it doesn't have to be that way. No giving birth is the same as the last one.It might not hurt as much as the first or the second one because the labor is faster, but it all depends on the circumstances and the situation.
Yes but one good thing is that labor and delivery should be shorter. Mine was!
it just hurts, depends on how much the first hurt you..They have drugs toooo.!!!1
Well practice makes perfect right? I have 3 and it was much easier than the first 2
I dont know about pain wise but it usually gets quicker. Tho i have to warn you that the after pains are way worse so be prepared!
Had my 3rd baby about 5 1/2 weeks ago, so this is my experience. My 3rd birth hurt a little more than my second, but still a lot less than my first. But unfortunately the afterpains have been worse with my 3rd than with either of the other ones. I would definitely say that my 2nd was the easiest all the way around though, the birth hurt less and was faster and the afterpains weren't as bad. But on the flip side I would say it was a lot easier to adjust to having three kids then to having 2 kids once I got home. Good luck, and your experience could be different then mine since everyone is different!
Everyone is different but from my experience the birth went much smoother. The pregnancy was more difficult because I had back problems but the labor and delivery went much smoother. I cleaned the house the day I left the hospital!

My first child was induced.
My second was almost a pound larger then the first and he was easier also
My third child was the longest labor.of course I'm lucky.4 hours with the first, 1 hour with the second and 5 hours with the third.
im sorry to say that my 3rd delivery was my longest and most painfull! just make sure that the midwives have all the drugs handy !
Yes I think it would not matter if it were your 10th child the pain is horrible no matter what:(
Depends if you found the second birth easy and on the child themself.
I have 3 kids too and the third was the easiest and less painful of the lot. Good luck.