When you're pregnant do you get a stronger sense of smell?


oh yes it was horriable.
I hear it is true and strong scents make pregnant women feel ill.
Oh yea, I'm only 6 weeks and I can smell like a dogā™„
yes u do and ur taste buds get all weird too!
all your senses get stronger
I got the opposite, I lost all sense of taste and smell, so much so that when I had the baby, the food in the NHS hospital tasted fantastic!
Not sure about that but the taste buds work a lot better!
I dont know I havnet yet
whats worse is you hate the smell of food
i did and the smell of certain foods made me feel reall ill it will pass, good luck have a beautifull baby..
Yes! It's awful! I have a strong sense of smell anyway but it's 10x worse now. I smell everything!! The good, the bad, and the ugly!
god yes definately. my sense of smell was so good i could tell if someone had a skid in their pants lol!
i can only speak for myself and the answer was yes. I do not know if this happens to all women, however, I do know many women who have also had the same experience.
Yes Yes Yes. It gets horrible things that you wouldnt normally smell you will.
yes, it could be a good thing or bad, good luck
Yes, you do. Are you not sure if you are pregnant? If you are not sure..please don't go off of the fact that you suddenly have a stronger sense of smell, get tested.

My wife was so sensitive to all smells. Cooking smells drove her to distraction.

Because of the increased sense of smell she went off most cooked food. Became kind of funny. She could eat fine at restaurants because she didn't have to smell the food cooking.

Her smell reverted back to "normal" withing days of giving birth.

I think (it has to be) hormone related.

Some good things too. You can smell the roses better! So look at it from that aspect.

All the best. Enjoy. Babies are great. Ours is now 6 months.
It's all meant to do with the fluctuating hormone levels in your body. They're meant to affect lots of different things like smell, taste, condition of skin & hair.
Yes, i couldn't stand the smell of anything cooking and strong smells would make me sick
It was many years ago but yes I recall not standing any sweet smells like perfume, air freshener and soaps that were too perfumy. Any body-odor would have me tossing my cookies.
It depends on the person & the pregnancy, mY SENSE OF SMELL WHEN i WAS PREGNANT was out of wak (so was a bunch of other things)
certain things smell stronger.
to be honest i never really noticed, i think my sense of taste changed, i started not liking stuff i had previously liked
i did
Yes, and that's a good thing. The more sensitive senses of taste and smell help to keep you away from things that might harm your developing baby.

Enjoy the extra senses while you have them. It will go away soon after your baby is born.

I don' t know but my mom says yes
Iam 9 weeks pregnant and I can not stand the smell of alot of things cooking,meat,open windows can smell the dirt. Your senses are heightened during pregnancy.