Are Daddy long legs proof of the existence of God?

They are venomous but they can't bite.
They have wings but they can't fly.
They have legs but they can't walk!
They are ridiculous creatures, yet they have managed to predate the dinosaurs and still bumble about the Earth as if permanently drunk. Surley nature could not have created such a thing, without a sence of humour!
i will attemt to anser you question, unlike the idiots before me.

(some times i wonder why they bother typing all that rubbish!!)

"daddylonglegs" or "havestmen" or what ever people would like to name what you are refering to.

they are still aroud as proof that there are other sussecssful stratergys of reproduction

" K & r "

"two main strategies are known as K-selection (few offspring) and r-selection (many offspring). Which strategy is favoured by evolution depends on a variety of circumstances. Animals with few offspring can devote more resources to the nurturing and protection of each individual offspring, thus reducing the need for a large number of offspring. On the other hand, animals with many offspring may devote less resources to each individual offspring; for these types of animals it is common for a large number of offspring to die soon after birth, but normally enough individuals survive to maintain the population."

they produse incredible amounts. so they only need a small % to servive to repopulate!

so NOT proof of god

hope that helps!

never seen a daddy long leg wth wings but they sure can get around...put a link to show such species
God and Mother Nature are sitting on a cloud laughing their as*es off
Could be. But the fact that we haven't just all killed each other is proof that God exists. What w/ how many horrible and hurtful things done on to you that you can forgive and not take vengence, that is proof that there is God.
no but if you believe in god do not let any one tall you different
Sort of questions 'Iteligunt desine', doesn't it?
ricky gervais FU.CKING SUCKS and you know it. pwned
Daddy longlegs can fly!! I have one in my lounge
Everything around you is proof of His existence.
No not possible because as much as some people will argue they still have no proof in god.
what the **** are you yacking about, they can walk and they don't have wings.
Are Daddy long legs proof of the existence of God?
No more than this answer proves that I am He.
Evolution may have humour but it requires no designer.
There is no proof of the existence of God. When it is found there will be a rush on repentence.
Daddy Long Legs (or craneflys as I like to call them) do walk, they do fly (you should see the hundreds I've got buzzing around in my room) and they can bite or sting! but they don't bite us as a general rule and if they did you wouldn't notice it as their vemon is not toxic to us, its just toxic to nearly every other creature in existance.

So saying what you've said is actually false, they do do those things, you just haven't seen them in action! So there probably isn't a God, as these things are perfectly adapted to what they do, otherwise they wouldn't have survived as long as they have.

Plus, if you were right, a sense of humour is a human trait, and so probably wouldn't feature as one of the characteristics of a 'God', plus it blatently proves how flawed the intelligent design theory is, as it would prove that the design is flawed and therefore could not have been the work of an omnipotent omniscient and omnibenevolent God that is preached about, thus proving God does not exist.

Furthermore, if we did prove that God existed, we would know that he existed and would no longer believe in him and he would probably disappear in a puff of logic.

Either way, God almost certainly cannot exist!
very good.
Since when were daddy long legs venomous?
so they are like an atheist no real purpose! HA!
did ya ever think that they evolved to be food for other things and that might be there only purpose in life
they do have wings and can fly
they do have legs and can walk
and nature(as u put it) created us and what makes us better than any other creature on this planet
crane flies are not venemous, daddy longlegs are also a type of spider.
Only uk calls craneflies daddy longlegs.
daddy long legs don't even think about existence of God , don' t need God therefore are more intelligent than human beings which do think about such things
does this therefore prove the existence of fish ?
you fools that picture is what is commonly known in short as a skeeter. spiders have eight legs. maybe if you get out to nature sometimes you would learn of these things. as to the existence of GOD not sure but i hope so
Yes of course it is! Evolution would have made such small creatures extinct in a period 50 000 years.

Another proof is the human sense of humor, why would evolution give us something like that. God gave it to us so that we can be happy.
I scream AH
I have'nt the foggiest idea of what utility craneflies serve, except as food for my cat (he leaps in the air and catches them on the wing, not bad for a ten year old moggie.

I've just fished one out of the glass of beer that I am drinking. Another landed in a bowl of white vinegar in my kitchen, and promplty expired. They certainly lead a charmed life - one of the buggers actually flew under the salamander (overhead grill) in my cooker, whilst I was cooking sausages, and came out unscathed.

One place where I have never seen a cranefly is McD*nalds. Their sense of survival (or just sense) is thus proven!

Final question - can Gordon Ramsay cook them?
There is no proof of the existence of any gods! You might as well ask if it proves the existence of Brahma, Amon, Ra, Ahuramazda, Marduk, Yu Ti, Zeus, Odin or any other gods. You zealots don't realize that your arguments can be used for any gods' existences. You chant God is real, but the others are made by men. Well, the wise man sees beyond your belief and knows all gods are made by men. One is no different from the others. They are all imaginary.