Are psychic for real?can they predict death?

Yes they can and most wont tell you, I know when someone is going to die, but i don't tell them, I knew my Dad was going to die and even how, I also knew I had to ring my Daughter, so i did, she told me later that i had stopped her from taking an overdose of tablets, and I don't do psychic things, but I do see or feel things.
yes they can but they wont necessarily tell you!
Phsycics are a load of rubbish, It's a scam and don't fall for it.
I believe they only know what is shown to them from the other side. they cant pick and choose what they want to know about. It may be possible for them to see death.
Derek Acorah.... I rest my case!!! Im sure there are some out there that feel they are able to communicate with the other side, but its what you need and feel at the time.
i always said if these guys could predict the future how come they are not all rich? think about it. how old are you?
psychics may at times have premonitions of death. But no 'real' psychic would tell a client that they saw their death or anyone close to them. Its against the rules, so to speak!
i heard of two stories and ill tell ya the better one tho other one is very plain and blunt, any who i heard a story of a woman goin to a pyschic and he gave her "reading" and then gave her a note and said not to open until she got home!! but the woman opened it in the car, and the next thin the car crashed!! and the other people in the car survived, someone saw the note and it said she lived a happy life and died peacefully!!
its nice but scary
if they can predict death then they're GOD
Up until a couple of weeks ago I would have said they are just trying to con you,
My wife invited a clairvoiant round for some of her friends and I had a reading after someone else dropped out.
She was from 50 miles away and knew nothing at all about me and I gave nothing away(I checked afterwards as she taped the reading for me)
She told me all about my father/grandfather and grandmother including accurate names also about my brothers heart attack which he suvived including his name and time of heart attack, she also told me about my mothers bad leg which I did not know about until I rang her after the reading ( my mother lives abroad and i haven't seen her for a year)
I had a reading for about an hour, it was the best £40 I have ever spent, every thing was accurate. I am now a complete believer.
However I believe I was lucky to get someone genuine as I bet there are still quite a few conners out there.
Look at the track record of psychics in the past.

Some have made some pretty amazing predictions.

And ALL of them have lists a mile long of stuff that never came true. If I sat down and wrote out a couple of thousand guesses about tomorrow (keeping them grounded in reality of course), then day after tomorrow, I should be able to find at least a couple that seemed to come true. Does that make me a psychic? No, that means that I played the odds and came at it with a lot of guesses. Psychics will always point out when they get it right. They hate to point out when they get it wrong and will avoid that at all costs.

Here is something else to think about. If a psychic is real then why do you never hear of the palmreader who won the lottery. Oh, they say they would never use their gifts for personal gain, but then charge $50 for a session. Oh yeah, that makes sense.

Finally, if a psychic can predict the future, don't you think that there would be stories every day of psychics who thwarted crimes from happening. or saving people from dying in accidents.
I'm psychic
"your going to die"
(one day)
I hope not.would u ask "wen am i going to die?"?
I rather not know.
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