Chavviest towns in Britain?

My BF is from Medway - home of the Chav.

Chatham High Street seems to be a Mecca for the breed. Burberry caps, big gold earring, pushchairs and scrapebacks everywhere you look.

We live in the South Wales Valeys and I'm originally from Newport, Gwent. Home of the Goldie Lookin Chain, need I say more. I really think Newport should be twinned with Chatham as they are equally chavvified!

Which do you think are Britain's Chavviest towns? And why?
Just have a look on the chavtowns website, they're ranked as well I believe!!
Think u have answered yr own
Essex is chavvy too
Can't stand chav's and chav towns. :(
i live in leeds and it full of them
Go to Bilston high street, near Wolverhampton, for a view of the Chav Valhalla! All the Chav cliches are there, plus you also get to see the monstrosoities caused by a VERY limited gene-pool!

Gets my vote as the worst place in the World!
Chatham without a doubt, ask your b/f about Luton Road, that should help convince you
What does "chav towns" mean?
feltham, staines, stanwell
What does chavvy mean. I am originally British but I've never heard of it.
harlow in essex is bad but the title has to go to thetford in norfolk cos all the young lads round thetford think they are gangsters
Yes - I'd agree that Thetford in Norfolk is. It's the only place which sells 4 bedroom "family" homes for under £90k. Now why could that be??!

Basildon in Essex as well as Halifax, is pretty chavvy too.

I think you should check out the following..

.and on the Yahoo frontpage today, Hackney in London has officially been declared the worst place in the UK to live!
Southampton is pretty bad
the town with the most chavs in the uk i evr been to is dumbarton, scotland..

ppl from there actually call it 'nedsville'

we call chavs neds in scotland